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Dr. Alissa C Zuchman, Director, 847-291-7788

To Do and To Think About: Preparing Yourself for Passover

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When preparing for Passover, we often focus on aspects relating to food: what will we cook, eat, and pack in lunches, and how will we ever rid our house of chametz? This daily guide, which covers Rosh Chodesh Nissan until the first night of Passover, gives teachers and families ideas to prepare physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

How to use this resource: Send it home with instructions that families do the activities on the 14 days leading up to Passover. Use the suggested activity and thought questions corresponding to the calendar days when your school is in session. Look over all of the suggested activities and prompts and use those in your classroom that your students will find the most engaging and thought-provoking.