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New Classroom Management Chart

This new discipline chart uses clothespins marked with students’ names to track behavior.

Ideas for using this chart with individual students:

  • Assign each student a number.  Write the numbers on clip-style clothespins.
  • At the start of class, everyone’s clothespin is on green. Encourage students to move towards purple (super student!).
  • Reaching the top can be a reward in and of itself, or offer a small reward such as a sticker for their clothespin if they reach the top.
  • Yellow is a warning, and red is a consequence.

Ideas for using this chart with groups:

  • For older students, divide the class into several groups. Each group gets a clothespin with their group name.
  • All groups start on green and try to reach the top of the chart each session. They can be moved up or down.
  • Colors may be divided  in half or quarters to give older students more of a challenge.
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