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Committing to Kindness

Committing to Kindness

Gemilut Hasadim are small moments of kindness between people. Use these lessons to empower & inspire your students to treat others with kindness every day. Separate downloads tailored to students in grades K-1 and 4-8 are posted. Both lessons are crafted to be Shabbat-friendly.

Gemilut Hasadim - K-1 Final (481.9 KiB, 1363 downloads)

Gemilut Hasadim 4th .8th Final (637.0 KiB, 1110 downloads)

Gemilut Hasadim - Friday Night Commitments Final (441.2 KiB, 509 downloads)

Gemilut Chasadim - Two Stories Of Kindness (298.9 KiB, 838 downloads)

Al Shelosha Devarim (437.3 KiB, 666 downloads)

Gemilut Hasadim Vs Tzedakah (207.8 KiB, 401 downloads)