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Purim - פורים

The Ometz Lev Game

It takes the ometz lev (courage) of Queen Esther and Mordechai to advance through this game.  Will your team have what it...
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Celebrating Esther

In the last several years many communities have chosen to elevate the attention given to Queen Esther’s role in the Purim narrative...
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Why Do We Give on Purim?

Students unscramble the Purim narrative in order to understand why we give mishloach manot (gifts of food) and matanot l’evyonim (gifts for...
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Purim Blendspace

This Blendspace is a curated list of videos and songs that will engage students in Purim curriculum. The Blendspace includes over 20 digital resources...
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Purim Bibliography

This annotated bibliography provides descriptions of new books and old favorites including appropriate age...
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Purim Hebrew Games

Play Hebrew games with Purim vocabulary cards. This printout includes directions for three games as well as the vocabulary...
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