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Tu B’Shevat - טו בשבט

Tree of Life

The Torah is sometimes likened to the Tree of Life. In this activity, students think about what makes the Torah a tree...
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Tu B’Shevat Breakout Box

Teach Tu B’Shevat through interactive puzzles based on the popular model. These puzzles empower students to explore four Tu B’Shevat themes: the Talmudic tale...
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Seven Species Bread

Pomegranate molasses, dates, figs, olive oil, dried grapes, cooked barley and wheat combine to make this tasty/educational...
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Tu B’Shevat Bingo

This game will engage your class in Tu B’Shevat vocabulary while having fun in a game of Bingo. Learn about different food and...
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If Trees Could Talk

Using recycled cardboard and oil pastels, create a visual thank-you for all of the environmental benefits, foods, and products we get from...
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