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What’s Jewish About Voting? offers Jewish art projects, lesson plans, activities and worksheets for Jewish holidays, Mitzvot, Torah, Israel and Hebrew.

What’s Jewish About Voting?

In the time leading up to the 2016 presidential election, there will inevitably be a great deal of conversation in the media, in homes, and in the Jewish community, about the election. Our downloadable activities provide a platform for the exploration of Jewish values in elections and leadership. Students will be exposed to Jewish sources on democracy and the democratic process,  will explore the differing ways that Jewish leaders of the TaNaKH were chosen and will wrestle with principles and qualities of Jewish leadership, and decide which of these are of value to them in a leader, secular or religious.

What's Jewish About Voting (528.8 KiB, 458 downloads)
What's Jewish About Voting Exodus Text Sheet (458.3 KiB, 365 downloads)
What's Jewish About Voting Leaders And Constituents (451.9 KiB, 343 downloads)