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Dr. Alissa C Zuchman, Director, 847-291-7788

Jerusalem Stone Candlesticks

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Students can create these beautiful candlesticks from Jerusalem stone.
Detailed instructions for creating these candlesticks are available in the BJE book Celebrating Israel Through the Arts by Linda Carol Sonin.

Supplies include:

  • Jerusalem stone: 18-20 stones for 2 candlesticks; rinsed and dried; chosen by students for varied colors and sizes
  • Shabbat Candle Drip Cups: 2 per student
  • Glue that is non-toxic, nonflammable, and bonds stone to stone and stone to metal

Procedure (for more detailed information, see Celebrating Israel Through the Arts):

  • Students glue the largest stones next to each other to create a wide base.
  • Encourage students to spend time stacking the stones before gluing. They can experiment with color, height, and making sure their stones can balance.
  • Students glue one stone on top of the next, creating a column. Be careful not to saturate the surface with glue or stones will slide.
  • Students glue on the candle cups.
  • Let candlesticks dry overnight.

Grades: 3rd-5th and 6th-8th

Celebrating Israel Through the Arts is available from the BJE. For more information or to purchase, email