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Illustrated Blessing Chart – Wine offers Jewish art projects, lesson plans, and worksheets for Jewish holidays, Mitzvot, Torah, Israel and Hebrew.

Illustrated Blessing Chart – Wine

Using visuals encourages active participation, collaboration and learning for all students. These illustrated blessing (brachah) charts have been created to help facilitate participation of all students in holiday and Shabbat celebrations. The pictures included are simple symbols (Mayer-Johnson) used to create visual supports for students. Created with transliteration, Hebrew and English, these illustrated blessing charts are accessible to all students.

Multiple versions of the blessing are available for download.  Select the version appropriate for your community.

Version Code (all versions include pictures and English):

1 = Transliteration, God’s name spelled out

Wine Tranlit V1 (355.4 KiB, 669 downloads)

2 = Transliteration, G-d’s name as Name for God-hay slash

Wine Translit V2 (378.6 KiB, 363 downloads)

3 = Hebrew, God’s name as Name for God-yud yud

Wine Hebrew V3 (235.1 KiB, 468 downloads)

4 = Hebrew, G-d’s name as Name for God-hay slash

Wine Hebrew V4 (232.0 KiB, 328 downloads)