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Active Learning and Assessment to Wrap Up the Year offers Jewish art projects, lesson plans, activities and worksheets for Jewish holidays, Mitzvot, Torah, Israel and Hebrew.

Active Learning and Assessment to Wrap Up the Year

Just as students learn in many different styles (i.e., Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences), they can show their knowledge in a variety of ways as well. We recommend offering students choice in how they show what they know (assessment). The active learning activities in this list allow students to use both their preferred and less preferred learning styles to share knowledge gained throughout the year. These activities are authentic assessments that ask students to reflect on their learning and then share that with the class/school community.

Planning an End of the School Year Assembly? Try a Learning Showcase. Invite parents and community members to view students’ projects. Ask each class or group of students to set up their project to share. Each student group could have a booth in the social hall or you could list student group locations on a floor plan of the school.

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