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    Assignment Instructions:

    Interview parents, students, or neighbor kids to find out the best games for this generation. “Games” can be video games, sports, board games, bus ride games, etc.

    1. Share the name, objective, how to play (in brief) and why the kids like it. Try to share at least one idea for how this game can inspire an online learning activity.
    2. You are also asked to reply to at least 2 classmates, sharing ideas for how their games can inspire online learning activities.

    RUBRIC: Discussion Board Rubric

    Example: A student shares that she loves soccer. You may share the following:

    Game: Soccer

    Objective: Score points by kicking the ball into the goal.

    How to play: Two teams play against each other to score the most points. Players can only use their feet and bodies (no hands) to hit the ball across the field and into the goal. The opponents try to defend their goal by blocking shots to the goal and gaining possession of the ball.

    Why the kids like it: Teamwork, being physical / moving around, competition

    Ideas for how this game can inspire an online learning activity: Have team games where the teams compete against one another; have games where all the kids are one big team. It doesn’t have to be a sport game. It an be any competition where the kids have to work together.

    Satisfactory response to a classmate: I like your ideas about how we can use the competition aspect of soccer in online learning activities. I would also like to propose that we make or find an online video game where kids can play soccer virtually. In order to take their turns shooting the ball, they need to read Hebrew or answer a Judaics question. It doesn’t even have to be a “Jewish” game. We can find a regular secular soccer game and just have the kids do the Hebrew reading in order to have a turn at the game. Or, we can have the kids design a soccer board game, and when they read the Hebrew correctly, they get to roll the die and move their pieces around the board. The kids can even design the game on paper and then scan and email it to the teacher to share.

    NOT a satisfactory response to a classmate: I like your ideas and completely agree. You could even apply these ideas to baseball or other sport type games. [This is not satisfactory because there is not enough evidence of critical thinking or originality. More detail about how these ideas could apply to baseball (like a concrete example) would make this a much better response. It would also be better if the respondent included what s/he liked about the ideas and what specifically s/he agrees with.]

    Original posts are due on Wednesday August 31st, 11:59 pm PST.

    Responses to your peers are due on Thursday September 1st, 11:59 pm PST.



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